Unicodes, Clusters, Numbers and Wordlists

Version 1.0.3 of Hibizcus was just released with the following additions:

Fonts tab: View glyphs with Unicodes only

The Fonts tab lists all the glyphs in the font(s). Sometimes, it will be helpful to see only glyphs with Unicode values. This helps in identifying missing glyphs, especially when updating an old font to add glyphs for new characters included in the standard. The Fonts tab in this version has an option to show only glyphs with Unicode values.

Font tab with Unicode glyphs only
Fonts tab showing only glyphs with Unicode values in a Sinhala font

Clusters tab: Show glyphs in colors

A cluster can be represented by a single glyph or multiple glyphs. It’s often useful to know how many glyphs are making up the cluster. This can help verify if a shaping rule is working. It’s also useful to look at other fonts to understand how a cluster is shaped. This update adds an option to view each glyph in a cluster in a different color.

Cluster tab, color glyphs
Clusters tab showing 3 part conjunct forms in the system Devanagari font, each glyph in a different color

Numbers tab: View with ASCII digits

While most Brahmic scripts have numerical forms of their own, some have switched over to Arabic numerals (digits). In some cases, both are in use. Hibizcus has a tab for numbers. This only showed the native numerals of the script. Version 1.0.3 adds an option to view the numbers in digits 0-9.

Numbers tab showing ascii digits
By default, the numbers will be shown in native numerals. This can be changed with the ‘show ASCII digits (0-9) option’


Hibizcus includes wordlists of 100,000 words each for the following languages: Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Meetei, Nepali, Odia, Punjabi, Sanskrit-Devanagari, Sanskrit-Grantha, Sinhala, Tamil and Telugu. Some may have lesser words. These are used to test the strings for correct rendering in the Words tab. This update fixes a bug that prevented loading of these lists for some languages.

words tab with kannada words
Words tab showing Kannada words

If you are building from source, you can add your own list. Check out the sources in GitHub. If you like your list to be included in the distribution, send it through GitHub.

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